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What our customers say and who is using our designs


What our customers say...

Date: 18 April 2009

Dear Tiina,
I purchased your variegated thread last month and used it a few days ago. What a dream it was. No breakage, a little shredding when I needed a new needle, and a beautiful sheen with great coverage. I am so glad that I got this from you.
Along with your gorgeous designs that I have purchased over the years (most recent was FeathersI), my loyalty to you keeps getting stronger. Never have I been disappointed.
My children still use those pillowcases that I made for them when they were in the service. Maybe you remember, the ones that have your Victorian Alphabet B’s and M’s. They travelled the world with those always knowing they were loved.
God bless you and your family. May these times be good to you.
Terrie Ohio, USA

Hi Tiina,

I have recently purchased your Damask Applique Designs and have used them on tops for my daughter. I am thrilled with them and would like to know if you intend to produce any more of these designs.
Many Thanks Emily


Rubber Duck Design from the Bath Time Fun Pack

Dear Ms. Connors,
I received your embroidery file yesterday...and did a sample stitch-out on it last night...what a beautiful design....very nicely put together...from underlay to finishing touches...I even "resized" it...just a bit for one of my smaller projects...and it worked beautifully! Usually, designs lose their "composition" and design flaws start to appear when you play with the size.
Again...thank you for a wonderful design...I think I'll probably purchase the larger one....for some other projects I have.......and I will definately look at Needle Passion first for my designs!
Best regards, Elizabeth J.


Bees and more Bees

Dear Tiina,
"Enjoy the designs"? 
My poor sewing machine has been working overtime
stitching your gorgeous bees - I absolutely LOVE bees! I saw a request on the Martha Pullen board wanting bee designs and somebody suggested your site and when I checked them out I just had to have them, so I worked hard and did some sewing for some other people and earned the money to pay for the bee designs. You do wonderful work - thank you.
Karen in New Zealand


Variegated Thread

Dear Tina,
I just opened my package that you sent with the GORGEOUS variegated thread!!I just love it! Your service is so prompt. I just ordered it last weekend and in 5 days it arrives from ENGLAND of all places. I love your designs and have purchased quite a few along with some of your monogram letters. You are so talented. Thank you for prompt service and such wonderfully digitized designs. 
Rosemary, Monroeville,Alabama



Tiina, Your combined bullion designs are simply gorgeous! Thank you so much for sharing them. I know it saved me days of combining them myself, and mine wouldn't have turned out so lovely. I wish everyone I did business with was as gracious and generous as you have been. I have purchased your designs in the past, and I will definitely do so in the future. I will also tell my embroidery friends how generous you are.   Thanks again, Jackie Ruhl


The Fancy Victorian Alphabet:

I just wanted to let you know that I sewed out my E last night on an antique linen hand towel and it is totally gorgeous!!!!!!! I couldn't be more pleased with it. I will only in my dreams be able to digitize like that if I live to be 100! I am going to think of everyone I know so I can figure out whether buying more singles or the whole alphabet will make more sense. I would love to give a towel to everyone I know! Thanks again! Julie

Seriously, this Victorian alphabet is the most beautiful one I've ever seen..... Susan


Just have to tell You I absolutely love the Monogram Letter I purchased from you.  I want to monogram everything in my House. The whole Alphabet is just stunning  to say the least. You probably guessed I love everything old, please bring more Reproduction Patterns. Perhaps more ABC 's or Heirloom Patterns. Thank You again.  Greetings from Brigitte



Dear Tiina, I have just finished stitching out the large letters M&J from your alphabet. They are simply stunning. When I purchased the small letters alpha 4x4 I have to admit I thought it was terribly expensive, especially since the exchange rate doubles the price for us here in Australia, which is why I didn't buy all of the large letters . However after seeing the quality of your work I will have to start saving for the whole lot of the large alphabet.  Also thank you for the bonus designs they are lovely.  Kindest Regards, Moira


Tiina, they stitched out lovely! I love them! Got three letters for the monogram, reduced them a little (the small size), then another 10% on the embroidery module so they would fit on the hem portion of the pillowcases. I am such a total novice at hoping yet that the last letter is a little higher than the other two because the first two fit on one hooping. But I don't think anyone will notice, and they look lovely!  They must have taken a long time to digitize! No jumps. Such planning ahead and mastery of the software. Hats off to you! (I'm trying to justify to myself getting the whole alphabet..... hmm, let me see, I could mow other people's grass, etc! Just kidding!)   Sunny


Dearest Tina, I want to thank you for your generous free designs for your customers. I think you designs & talent is among the best on the net. I have been using the Victorian B & M for Christmas items for my children. Three of them are in the military, all serving in 3 separate branches.  These are for bed pillows to help them remember we are thinking of them at home.  Thank you, again. Terrie, Ohio



Hello! First of all, your designs are absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!! I've downloaded your free FrameVictorianSample, and it stitches out wonderfully. I've made several baby gifts where I put the baby's initials or name inside the frame, and people just drool over them!   Deena, Monroe, Louisiana


Custom order of a Coat of Arms

Tiina…you are a GODDESS! The crest is just fantastic. I haven’t stitched it out yet…I’ll have some peace and quiet tomorrow when I can spend some time with my machine and give it my full attention. I told my husband that having you digitize this design for me was like having Coco Chanel do my wedding dress…really! I couldn’t be happier; I’ll send you pictures as soon as I use it for a project. Thanks again for your beautiful work and amazing turn-around time! Kindest regards, Kim


Quilting Designs

Hello Tiina,  I want you to know how very good I think your freebie quilting designs are.  I have just used one of them 30 times on one of my quilts without a stitch out of place anywhere. Thank you very much.  Kindest regards,  Stella


Applique Designs:

Good morning Tiina,  I am absolutely thrilled with your free appliqué designs AND the instructions. I have never figured out how this appliqué process worked. Your quilt example is the inspiration I needed to get me going with appliqué.....nothing ....until now...has been inspiring. I can't wait to get home from work to give these designs a whirl.  Thank you so much, Patti Britt


Cascading Florals

Dear Tiina,  I just purchased your newest cascading floral designs & they are lovely.  I am embroidering them in tan rayon at the hems of a pair of cream coloured linen pants underlined in silk organza--each leg to be different. The designs stitch out beautifully & flow together so easily. Thanks!  Regards,  Suzy

The Feathers The Wings Collections:

Just saw your post on Just Designs and wanted to let you know that I had purchased your "Feathers" collection age ago... but, didn't get around to using them until 2004. I've not seen anything quite unique before or after I bought it. They are so beautiful and I've enjoyed making them very much. 
Just wanted to let you know... Happy New Year!
Phyllis (2004-03-01)

I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the Wings set. The designs are just beautiful! I did some of them on a sample for a class I will be teaching and the people who saw the designs just couldn't believe how pretty they are. I hope maybe you will get some more sales from the
ones I showed people yesterday! Susy


Awhile back I purchased your set of Feathers............never have I used a set of designs so much and received so many compliments. I have put them on everything and just love them. Thanks so much for your talent.  Linda


I finally got a moment to do some stitching this weekend.   I stitched out almost every one of your Wings designs.  I LOVE every one of them. AND they sew out in less than 10 minutes for almost every design. I also incorporated some metallic threads in the sewouts and, for the first time in all my efforts with metallic threads, I did not experience ONE thread break. I think the thing that was the most fun is that you can change to a different thread and it looks like a whole new design.

I also sewed out two of the seashells. These too were lovely. The shadings and textures you put in made them look truly like a work of art.  Can't wait until the weekend to try out the feathers! (I just got new wallpaper in my bathroom and kitchen. Bathroom is feathers and seashells. Kitchen is butterflies and dragonflies. I am armed for some serious décor changes with your designs.)

Just wanted you to know that, of all the design sets I have purchased since I have been embroidering, I love these absolutely the BEST. Thank you for these gorgeous designs.   Elaine Withrow


Hello Tina, I just HAD to write and tell you how gorgeous these feather designs stitch out!  I’m sure you’ve heard it all before, but, they are just beautiful! I’ve already put them on 2 different tops – I put together combinations (with Embird – love that little program!) that I stitched out in my 6x10 hoop on my Ellageo. I did take some “artistic” license and changed colorations to match the different threads that I have. I couldn’t be happier! I plan on going and ordering your “Wings” collection next – I’m sure I’ll be just as happy with that collection!  I am using Superior Threads variegated threads that I purchased at the MEEC convention and they are working beautifully.  Thank you so much for your beautifully digitized designs! What a pleasure to stitch and to wear!  Linda

Hi Tiina: I wore my shirt that had your feather designs down the front and back while I
was at the embroidery conference in Boca Raton, FL. You wouldn't believe the number of people that ask be about it and where I purchased the designs and the thread. I forgot all the address so I emailed it to the group that was asking. Hopefully you will get some orders from it.  Alice


I wanted to take a minute to send you a quick note. As a digitizer myself, I have found it very difficult to come across nice designs that are offered as test/freebies. As sick as I am today, I found myself stitching out your sample feather over and over again using different color combinations. It is very refreshing to know that there are others on the web, like yourself, who are indeed talented.    You do beautiful work and I look forward to receiving my order.   Regards, Michele


Hi Tiina, I just started stitching out the wings collection that I purchased from Needle Passion Embroidery in the Fall----Haven't had time to try them out until now. They were so impressive that I mailed an order for 3 other sets today along with an order for one of the variegated thread
sets from Natesh.  Thanks for keeping me updated with your newsletter.Sincerely, Renee


I must tell you how much I am enjoying the Feathers and Wings collection. I put several feathers on the yoke of a fleece sweatshirt and they really liked it at the "Show and Tell" from our embroidery groups. I went to a group I usually don't go to across the river in Rock Island (I live in the Quad-City area of Iowa and Illinois) and they just gasped when I took the article out to show them. It really made me feel good and I told them how easy they were to stitch out. I gave them your web address and I guess some of them forgot it or didn't write it down. Anyway, this month I wasn't able to go to their meeting and I saw one of that group and she said "Where were you?, so many of the group didn't get the website down and wanted it" So I told her and she will convey the information.  I really enjoy wearing it and get so many compliments on it. Thank you again.


I want to thank you so much for the BEAUTIFUL feathers designs. I just love them. The first one I stitched out was No. 2. I put it on a navy background with the colors in order: Medium blue, aqua, metallic teal and an opal irradecient (sp?) and the dk yellow stem.  It is just so very pretty, I can't stop looking at it.  Thank you, thank you.  I have stitched out the sample of the wings and I am ordering that also. They are such good patterns and so easy to stitch out. Mildred


Hi, Tiina- I stitched out some of your new samples today - the feather, the chicken, and the dragonfly. All I can say is WOW! They were so awesome, and so much fun to stitch out. Especially loved doing the feather in some different variegated threads I have. What fun! I am going to purchase at least one of those 2 new sets-now to decide......thanks again! You have the best stuff! Jean S


Tiina...I have been meaning to write you. I bought your "Wings" collection when it first came out. Two weeks ago I took down a white shower curtain in my guest bathroom to wash it. When I brought the shower curtain upstairs for rehanging, I decided to spice it up a little. I took it into my sewing room and embroidered about 14 designs from your wings collection on it using variegated threads. It is just beautiful!!! I have had guests a couple of times the past 2 weeks and they have all wanted to know where they could buy a shower curtain like this one.   I want to thank you for making such beautiful designs available. I love them!! Virginia


Seashell Collection:

Perfect! Just what I was looking for to make a special pillow for some friends that live on Monterey Bay. AND, and excuse to use all those gorgeous mulitcolored threads that have been staring at me! Thanks Tiina! Nice job. Best regards, Jan


Requested monograms:

Though I was a pain in the neck for you, I can't thank you enough for the E/J monogram. I've just stitched them out and they are beautiful. My friend is going to go crazy!!! The secret freebie page is too good to be true...my 6-year-old daughter is already begging me for the bugs on her jeans.You are one nice lady. You are 'bookmarked' in my computer as favourites so I can just punch right to you, I can't wait for Christmas designs (hint, hint). Thanks again for all you've done.  Tyna


Thank you for sending me the notice of Your New Collection, I have a several of Your Collections and use them all of the time. They stitch out Beautifully and Wear well, I enjoy using them on everything Work clothes, Baby clothes, Towels, Quilts, and other assorted Gift items. My all time Favorite set is the Feathers, I LOVE that Set! 

Every time I get a Notice that You have a New set, I get all Excited! I go to Your site holding my Breath, in Hopes of finding another set like Feathers, Shells, or the Winged Collection. Please add More Designs like this to Your 'Things to Do' List. I'll be waiting! 

Warm Wishes, Dexter (January 10th, 2005)

I have purchased many of your design collection recently and have been absolutely delighted with them all. The quality and detail is superb,   Thank you, Carole


Dear Tiina, Tonight I went to my embroidery club meeting at my Bernina dealer's shop.Our session tonight was on finding and downloading designs from the computer as well as the use of the Magic Box. The leader suggested to really test out designs that you get off the internet before putting them on your project until or unless you get to know the quality of the designer/digitizer. One person in the class asked for suggested sites and names of designers. I was the first to speak up, and you and your site came right out of my mouth without any hesitation.

I remembered to bring back the handout of web sites that was given to us last time. Your site was listed on it, so I drew a nice arrow pointing to it, and passed it around so everyone could copy it down. I told them how beautiful your designs are, how well digitized they are, and that they are both in ART and PES formats which are perfect for the artista180 and 170 and Decco owners in the group.  I hope everyone ran home to their computers :-) Cathy


Dear Tiina, THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! I have them all downloaded now. You certainly do work to please us and I appreciate it. I look forward to doing business with you again.   Eloise


Tiina, I love, love, love your site! The designs are beautiful and the links are terrific. The will keep me busy for weeks!  Meredith

I really enjoy your site, even though I haven't bought anything yet, I know I will soon.
I look at your site first thing every time I turn on my computer. I am sure that one of the reasons I look there first is that you update so frequently, so that I know that you really are "there". I have about quit looking at most other sites as they haven't been updated in months. But the biggest reason is that you have some very beautiful designs, and I enjoy looking at your sewn out samples. I especially like having samples using the designs on the same page as the designs.
I am really looking forward to your new thread - the more I look at it the prettier I think it is - and I don't know which I like better the feathers or the wings - I may just get both. That is another thing I appreciate - that your collections aren't prohibitively expensive, and that I could buy just one design if I wanted to.
You make a nice start to me day !! Susan


Dear Tiina, At embroidery Club this past Wednesday the leader brought samples of some of your designs. She is a VERY picky person and doesn't download many freebies, unlike myself. She loves the way your designs stitched out. One of the examples was you free feather. We all oohed and awed. I had passed on it because I thought "I'll never use a feather"! Silly me. Today I downloaded all your freebies and intend to sew them and am
thinking about some more feathers. Thank you so much for your generosity in providing samples to download. I appreciate all your hard work.  Geri in Anchorage


I just spent an hour going through your web site. I downloaded your freebies and cannot wait to start stitching them. I will be saving money so that I may purchase some of your designs. The only problem I have with your site is that I want everything I saw =)
Your work is absolutely wonderful!!  Lynette, Raleigh NC


I just had to write to let you know that I downloaded your free sample of the new alphabet freebies with frames and I was so impressed!!!
I have been working on an heirloom dress for my niece and had still not made the bodice piece yet because I simply didn't like anything I had test sewn out. Believe me that has been about 30 designs so far. But this is perfect!! I did it all in white and made the letter lavender. I am especially grateful that your freebie included the letter L because that was exactly what I needed. I don't know when I will be able to purchase the set, but I know they will all be as gorgeous as the freebie. Thanks again so much!! Teri


Hi, I just wanted to drop you a note to tell you I think you have lovely designs and I especially wanted to thank you for the freebies. Now I will have to get busy and come up with a project to use some of them. Rose


Thank you for sooo many wonderful free designs. I am so excited! I will try to make time to sew some of them out soon. You have a wonderful talent. And, you have a great web site. Very easy to access, understand and loads quickly. I will be back - I am trying to make up my mind - so many choices! Jan in  Winston-Salem, NC


Great Site and the designs are exceptional. I have you bookmarked for my next "net shopping spree" :)  Suzanne in Nebraska


Thank you very much for sharing your beautiful freebies with all of us. I really like your other designs. I am just learning to digitize so I really appreciate your time and
talent that is involved in making your designs. Jan from Mississippi


Thank you for the freebies. Can't wait to try them. Your work is very nice. Am looking forward to see new additions in the future. Aj


I just wanted to take time to tell you that your site is wonderful and a joy to visit. I will be back for you have some items that I am looking for. Thank you again for the freebies and the pleasure of seeing your work. J. Coulter


All your designs are very lovely! Your free designs are generous gifts for people like me that are just starting to enjoy machine embroidery. Great website!! Thank you again.  Cari Anaheim, CA


Thank you very much it has been a pleasure doing business with you . You do beautiful work.   Cheryl Wizmom


Dear Tiina, thanks for the beautiful designs, they are wonderful. Hope you and yours have a wonderful Christmas. I have just finished my "I Love Sewing" redwork quilt, using your quilt circles. I couldn't be more please with your designs. Thanks Cynthia



You might know that needlework and embroidery were among the most popular relaxations enjoyed by the Victorian ladies - and why should this have changed?  Especially, when we have such great tools today!  I hope you will enjoy browsing this web site and be inspired.


Alphabets and Monograms

Our stunning alphabets are used by some of the world's leading linen & monogramming companies:






Monogrammed cushion in red gingham cotton with linen patch with letter L from the Paris Alphabet at Needle Passion Embroidery

Letter from the Paris Alphabet


Gingham white cotton cushion with vintage A monogram letter

Letter from the Vintage Alphabet


Monogrammed cushion in red gingham cotton with linen heart patch with letter E from the Margareta Alphabet at Needle Passion Embroidery

Letter from the Margareta Alphabet


Monogrammed cushion in white cotton and red gingham border with monogram TC from the Splendor Alphabet at Needle Passion Embroidery

Letters from the Splendor Alphabet


Monogrammed cushion in white cotton and sky blue gingham border with letter H from the Vintage Alphabet at Needle Passion Embroidery

Letter from the Vintage Alphabet


Monogrammed cushion in white cotton and navy blue gingham border with letter T from the Rose Alphabet at Needle Passion Embroidery

Letter from the Rose Alphabet


Custom made bespoke machine embroidery monogram FAS monogrammed on a patchwork quilt from Needle Passion Embroidery

Vera's stunning custom monogram for a quilt - from Australia

Pink pinafore dress with black machine embroidery monogram from the Splendor Alphabet

Monogrammed pinafore dress by Debra from Myrtle Beach - very Chanel!

The monogram is from here!

Letter A from the machine embroidery Script Applique Alphabet on a garden flag made by Debra Austin
Lovely monogrammed garden flag also made by Debra from Myrtle Beach.

The letter is from here! 


Butterfly machine embroidery design stitched with variegated threads at Needle Passion Embroidery

Blouse with butterfly from Sandra from WIS

Flying parrot machine embroidery design stitched with variegated threads from Needle Passion Embroidery

Parrot: 2  variegated, 2 metallic and 1 plain thread.

Bottle Apron with floral machine embroidery design stitched with variegated threads made by Cherie at Needle Passion Embroidery

Floral Wine Bottle Apron made by Cherie.

Try this rooster design for free - click here to download.

Delicious bugs! 

Stitched with purple, fuchsia variegated and gold metallic threads

Parrot stitched with 3 variegated threads and gold.

Sandi's lovely quilt.

The bees and butterflies can be found here!

Detail from the same.

FeatherPic7.jpg (11374 bytes)

A detail from Beverly's stunning jacket

FeatherPic1.jpg (6348 bytes)

#1 stitched with 3 different variegated threads and gold metallic.

FeatherPic2.jpg (3768 bytes)

#2 stitched with 3 different variegated threads and gold metallic.

FeatherPic4.jpg (3598 bytes)

From a pillow case

FeatherPic5.jpg (3201 bytes)

From a pillow case

FeatherPic8.jpg (2764 bytes)

Stitched with Natesh thread: 532,518,524 and brown. 

FeatherPic6.jpg (2746 bytes)

Katherine's lovely sweater

FeatherCatherineShirt2.jpg (2328 bytes)

Catherine's beautiful shirt

FeatherJacketElaine.jpg (3273 bytes)

Elaine's jacket

FeatherPicSueJustus.jpg (3601 bytes)

Sue Justus from Hot Springs, AR. has created this lovely outfit!

FeatherPic9.jpg (6336 bytes)

Stitched with Natesh: 573,565, 537 and red metallic.

FeatherPic3.jpg (3580 bytes)

Stitched with 2 variegated threads in yellow tones and gold metallic.

FeatherCatherineShirt.jpg (3283 bytes)

Detail from Catherine's shirt.

FeatherSamplePic1.jpg (8238 bytes)

Carmen has stitched these feathers using the free sample.

FeatherSample.jpg (6648 bytes)

Free Sample - click on the image to download.

FeatherPicSueJustus2.jpg (2678 bytes)

Sue Justus from Hot Springs, AR. has created lovely towels!

FeatherMilli.jpg (10984 bytes)

Milli's fleece top with  feathers on the yoke.  

From Milli: "I love it and get MANY compliments on it"

Grandparent Collection and Bees Collection

Lovely Burp Cloths and cards made by Joanne.


Barbara George from Salem, SC has created this lovely bee quilt for bee farming friends! 


The Rose Delight Collection

A silk Shantung christening dress featuring designs from the Rose Delight collection.

 Lovely rag quilt made by Jeanne from Yorktown, VA


WinterPic5.jpg (3815 bytes)

Have a look at Sandé's gorgeous snowflake jacket project!

WinterPic1.jpg (11580 bytes) WinterPic2.jpg (4702 bytes) WinterPic3.jpg (3490 bytes)

Christmas Appliqué

Sharon from AZ has made this stunning "Wings" quilt for her grandmother.  Thank you Sharon for sharing your project!The designs can be found here!

SewTellQuiltBonniePool1.jpg (16894 bytes)

Bonnie Pool from Veneta, Oregon has made this stunning quilt.   It was quilted with the star designs from the quilting collection #4.  

SewTellQuiltBonniePool3.jpg (12384 bytes) SewTellQuiltBonniePool2.jpg (12212 bytes)

AppWingsQuilt10.jpg (13181 bytes)

Baby "Bugs" Quilt and a Butterfly Quilt

16 square block bug baby quilt

Ella on her favourite quilt

Nora Say's St. Jude Quilt of Dreams. 

Reverse side 

Detail of the same

Lovely burp cloth from Regina.

Donna's gifts

Donna's gifts

Melissa's gift!

Melissa's gifts!


"New shoes and nothing to wear" 

That's how this dress project started and it turned out just wonderful and matched the new beige Jimmy Choo slingbacks perfectly! 

Please click the images for a larger view!

 The dress project designs can be found here.


Please send pictures of your projects made using designs from Needle Passion Embroidery - they would be much appreciated and we will reward you with some free designs!

A warm THANK YOU is extended to everyone who has contributed with pictures & projects for this page!



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In Memoriam

Kyllikki 1939 - 1989

Dearest Mother,
I hope there are sewing machines and computers in heaven as well - I so wish that you could have seen this!  Always missing you, Tiina