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A legal note about using NPE Ltd embroidery designs:

Embroidered items created using any of the Needle Passion Embroidery Limited (below NPE Ltd) designs may be distributed commercially without limitation unless otherwise stated in the individual design notes.

However, it is a violation of copyright law to duplicate, buy, sell, trade, transfer, alter, share with others or send by e-mail copies of the design files or parts of them (the software in embroidery format). 

NPE Ltd cannot be held liable for any consequential damages or monetary losses resulting from the use of any of it’s embroidery designs.  

So, for clarification it is OK to sell an item where the design is stitched on, whether it is for a present or you wish to sell the item. 

A legal note about using our graphics:

All graphics displayed on the Needle Passion Embroidery web site and also our graphics displayed on any affiliated web sites are copyrighted.  They may NOT be used for any commercial purposes what-so-ever.  Images for cards, mugs, calendars and similar commercial items can only be used with our approval in which case a licence must be purchased. 

If you wish to sell items where the designs have been embroidered on, you cannot use our graphics, but must stitch the designs yourself and then create your own images from the stitch-outs.

Thank you for respecting our copyright.


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