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A three letter monogram created just for you!

To order a tree-letter monogram:

Choose from two different three-letter styles.  Two samples of each are shown below to demonstrate that every monogram will be individual and different depending on the letter combination and on how they fit together.  Please note that the centre letter is larger than the two letters on the sides.  The size can be for 4" by 4" machine embroidery hoops and larger.

MonogramShane9.jpg (7788 bytes)
 Style Peony

Sample 1

Style Peony

Sample 2

Style French

Sample 1

Style French

Sample 2

Please allow approximately one week for delivery which will be by email.  If you are in a hurry please email prior to your order to confirm the delivery date.

The price is only US$ 30.00 per monogram.  Compare this incredibly cheap price to what companies like for instance Monogram Inc. offers.

Price US$ 30.00

Please choose:     OR  creditcards.gif (5778 bytes)

Please write the required letter combination for the monogram in the:  Notes or comments section of the order form.

Please also remember to confirm the embroidery format and size required - thank you. 

*Please note that this is not an entire alphabet but one three letter monogram.

The centre letter usually stands for the first letter of the husband's surname if the monogram is for a couple.  The letters on the sides are traditionally: wife's initial on the left and husband's initial on the right.

If the monogram is for an individual, then the letters would be in this order: initial of first name + initial of surname + initial of second name.

You can of course order your monogram in whichever order you wish - the above is stated just for guidance and help.


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