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The Cascading Flowers

This collection is totally different!  These designs can be combined to form stunning floral scenes -simply start stitching the next designs where you finished off with the previous one and so on.  Also included are design files especially designed to be stitched with two threads at the same time and for use with variegated threads.  Just let your creativity & imagination flow!

Unfortunately the graphics don't do much justice to these designs - please have a look at the project pictures below to get an idea how wonderful these designs really are!

Dress1.jpg (7806 bytes) Dress1-1.jpg (8102 bytes) Dress1-2.jpg (7195 bytes) Dress1-3.jpg (7306 bytes) Dress2.jpg (7124 bytes)
Dress3.jpg (6802 bytes) Dress3a.jpg (5947 bytes) Dress3b.jpg (3396 bytes) Dress3-1.jpg (6672 bytes) Dress4.jpg (8731 bytes)
Dress4a.jpg (9254 bytes) Dress5.jpg (7431 bytes) Dress5a.jpg (7536 bytes) Dress5b.jpg (3455 bytes) Dress6.jpg (7402 bytes)
Dress7.jpg (6947 bytes) Dress8.jpg (6598 bytes) Dress8-1.jpg (6972 bytes) Dress9.jpg (5009 bytes) Dress9-1.jpg (5876 bytes)
Dress10.jpg (5140 bytes) Dress11.jpg (8308 bytes) Dress11a.jpg (9495 bytes) Dress12.jpg (6265 bytes) Dress13.jpg (4820 bytes)
Dress14.jpg (6762 bytes) Dress14b.jpg (2943 bytes) Dress15.jpg (5887 bytes) Dress16.jpg (6607 bytes) Dress17.jpg (4251 bytes)
Dress18.jpg (7026 bytes) Dress19.jpg (6817 bytes) Dress20.jpg (3810 bytes) Dress21.jpg (8250 bytes) Dress22.jpg (5614 bytes)

Most of the above designs fit in the 4" by 4" hoop.  For the larger designs, split files are included to fit the 4" by 4" embroidery area.

NEWx4.gif (1556 bytes) The design files also include the same designs digitized for stitching with double thread - a total of 78 designs!  In the example below some of the designs were stitched with a variegated brown color and a solid beige color together, as if it was one thread only.  The effect is like hand stitched - just wonderful!

The designs have been digitized to match each other, for easy placement and they also stitch out fast, as the density is low.  There are no thread jumps and instructions are included!

star2.gif (12743 bytes)

The Cascading Flowers Collection US$ 39.00

Please choose your format and click on the buttons below to make a PayPal or credit card payment.

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Dot_small.gif (3524 bytes) INSPIRATION FOR YOU! Dot_small.gif (3524 bytes)

Below you'll find an example on how to use these designs - also think wedding gowns, white on white, kimonos, bed linens, tote bags, curtains, side of pant legs etc - the possibilities are endless.

This dress project started with new beige shoes and nothing to wear with them!

Please click the images for a larger view!

DressPic9Small.jpg (8642 bytes) DressPic4Small.jpg (11672 bytes) DressPic8Small.jpg (8419 bytes) DressPic3Small.jpg (9462 bytes) DressPic6Small.jpg (11066 bytes)
DressPic5Small.jpg (9353 bytes) DressPic7Small.jpg (9840 bytes) DressPic1Small.jpg (9865 bytes) DressPic2Small.jpg (10656 bytes) DressPic15Small.jpg (4058 bytes)
DressPic17Small.jpg (4390 bytes) DressPic13Small.jpg (4024 bytes) DressPic14Small.jpg (3698 bytes) DressPic11Small.jpg (3538 bytes) DressPic16Small.jpg (4226 bytes)
DressSample1.jpg (7244 bytes)

Free Sample!

DressSample2.jpg (5237 bytes)

Free Sample!



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