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Variegated Machine Embroidery Thread

As many of you may know, for a while we had our very own variegated thread selection for sale.
All the variegated threads which were designed by us and also the Art-silk threads before that have now been sold out.
Unfortunately the price increases in the manufacturing and transportation cost has made it impossible for us to re-stock this thread, so sadly it is not available anymore.
Our thread was manufactured by the same factory as the RA rayon, but as the thread collection was designed by us, RA does not have exactly the same color choices, but the quality is the same.

However, the good news is that all the Needle Passion Embroidery designs for variegated threads can be stitched with many other variegated thread brands as well and luckily there are so many to choose from now - the selection on offer is huge compared to when we started - then there was only a handful available.

The most suitable variegated threads would be those which have a sliding color change of a about 4" long rather than the ones that change color every inch.  Threads which have only one or a couple of different colours on one spool rather than the multi-colored threads which may have 5 colours will work best.  If the design colour chart calls for green - pick a colour that looks green on the spool, not one that has both blue and red in it as well.  But please do feel free to experiment with threads which you may already have - the beauty with our designs is that they look different every time and there is no one right color choice - most colors will work - just choose what you like best. 

Needless to say, but our designs for variegated threads have been custom designed, so that they won't turn out looking "stripey".

Enjoy the designs!

These were the latest color numbers of the threads we had - hopefully this list may help in matching colors with other brands..


For previous Natesh colors - please click here.



 You can view the "variegated" designs we offer by clicking on the images below: 
variegated seashell machine embroidery design sea shell variegated feather machine embroidery design

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