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Est. 1999

Needle Passion Embroidery

Machine Embroidery Designs


Order Information Page


Closures and Holidays

If we are closed, all notices will be posted on the Home page.

If you use the PayPal payment method, please always check if there is a closure notice, as designs cannot be sent during closures and emails may not be answered.

Please remember to refresh your browser (press F5 on your keyboard) to get the latest information on all web sites!

All Credit card orders will be delivered by instant download.


Using the Paypal payment button

The ordering process using PayPal is manual and therefore designs can unfortunately not be downloaded immediately. The designs will be emailed when the payment confirmation has been received (and/or when we are next online) to the email address stated on the order form. All efforts are made to send all designs as soon as possible.

Please also always check that your own email address is correct and that your email agent is not treating attachments or unknown email address (such as ours) as SPAM.  So, check in your spam folder first if you have not received a design.

If you pay by an e-check transaction, please do not expect delivery right away. PayPal will take about 4-5 business days to clear the funds to Needle Passion Embroidery.

Signing up for a PayPal account is easy - please go here

Please note that we cannot refund any designs which have already been sent to you.


Paying with credit card

BMT Micro Inc automated credit card system is used on this web site.
All major credit cards are accepted. 

The ordering process using this service is automated, so you will receive your designs by instant web download whether our shop is open or not - anytime!

Procedure explained :
Click on the credit card link given below each design collection .   Fill in the order from and submit it.  A dialog box will appear asking you to confirm your e-mail address .  Please do check this very carefully, as your design-id and password will be sent to this address.  You will then be displayed a message telling you that your order has been processed and billed.  You will receive two e-mails shortly, one is a receipt and the other one directs you to the download URL and states the password and design-id.  Paste the URL to your browser and also paste the id and password to the required fields.  The system checks the password and lets you download the designs ONE time only.  If you've done everything correctly, this is the end of the order.

Hint!   When downloading, please always download to your hard drive (=C drive or your "My Designs" folder) first and then move to floppy discs if required .   Many files are too large to fit on a floppy disc and the download information is valid for security reasons for one try only.

Please take extra care to check that your order is correctly submitted as there is a 7% penalty charge for changing orders made incorrectly to your credit card.
This 7% fee will be charged to the customer.

Please note that we cannot refund any designs if the download information has been sent to you.


Buying INDIVIDUAL designs

Please go here for order instructions.


Replacement of lost designs

Your design order is guaranteed to be kept on our files for at least 12 months from the order date.
After 12 months every effort is made to try to replace lost order s (we have been able to replace orders as old as 8 years!) , but as designs/collections m ay change, it might sometimes be impossible to replace your order in full.
Sometimes designs get lost due to a computer crash or similar incident, so please always make and keep a back-up copy of all your on-line design orders.

Previous free designs and/or bonus designs can unfortunately not be replaced as no records are kept of these.


Copyright 1999 Needle Passion Embroidery Limited
All Rights Reserved.