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Natesh Thread

Unfortunately these threads are out of stock!

This information is kept here only so that those who wish can match any other thread brands to stitch out any of the designs from this web site where the Natesh thread was used.

NateshSet2.jpg (8994 bytes) 516 Rainbow: leaf green/beige/dull blue/peach
513 Rainbow: red/sapphire/gold/emerald
522 Orange: bright orange-gold/gold/cream
524 Yellow: gold to pale gold
527 Green: dark emerald/emerald/pale yellow
536 Green: dark leaf green/leaf/creamy yellow
529 Pink: pink shaded to creamy white
538 Brown: dark brown/light brown/beige yellow
540 Brown: warm chocolate brown to cream
541 Blue: Sky blue shaded to creamy white

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NateshSet3.jpg (9728 bytes) 511 Rainbow: pink/blue/pale yellow/lime green
512 Rainbow: red/sapphire/yellow/emerald
514 Green: emerald green shaded to pale
530 Red: deep to palest cerise pink
534 Purple: warm lilac shaded to white
537 Brown: Copper shaded to white
542 Blue: royal blue shaded to white
550 Grey: medium grey shaded to pale grey
555 Green: dark leaf green shaded to pale green
564 Red: fuchsia shaded to cream

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NateshSet4.jpg (25982 bytes) 515 Rainbow: pink/leaf/blue/yellow
518 Green: moss green shaded to pale
523 Orange: red-orange/gold/cream
528 Green: emerald shaded to pale
531 Red: deep red shaded to pink
535 Purple: dark purple shaded to very pale
545 Purple: dark plum shaded to white
551 Black/white
565 Red: scarlet shaded to pink
573 Blue: turquoise shaded to white

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NateshSet1.jpg (9372 bytes)

509 Rainbow: bright orange/white/emerald
510 Rainbow: pastel shades: pink/warm blue/pale yellow
520 Orange: peach shaded to white
521 Yellow: lemon shaded to very pale
526 Green: bright green shaded to pale
532 Red: Deep wine red shaded to pink
533 Red: very dark red/red/dark red
539 Brown: Dark brown shaded to pale yellow
547 Blue: dark sea blue shaded to white
554 Green: dark green/leaf green/pale green

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For the complete color chart please go here!

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