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Hints and Tips

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If there are missing images or the appearance of the site does not seem correct, please hold the CTRL key pressed down and hit F5 to refresh the page.  This will clear the old contents which might be displayed from your computers cache.


Web site

The main Needle Passion Embroidery Ltd web site is:


star3.gif (224 bytes) Always bookmark the homepage, as the names of other pages might change.

star3.gif (224 bytes) The NAVIGATION bar to everywhere on this site can be found at the top of most pages and always on the homepage, alphabet index page and in the help index.

Download help

Please try this first:

Hold the SHIFT key pressed down and click on the REFRESH icon (or F5) on your browser and then try to download again.

Then try the following for downloading:

*   hold the SHIFT key pressed down and left click.

* hold the ALT key pressed down and left click.

* AOL: Try downloading using ctrl and a left click!

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*  try RIGHT clicking with your mouse and choose "save target as"

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More details about downloading:

Unfortunately this site is not Netscape friendly - it has been built and is maintained with a Microsoft product.  It is best viewed with Internet Explorer.

Visitors have informed that downloading free samples with Netzip is difficult - please use Winzip or another similar zip/unzip utility instead.  Even if you have both, please check that the downloading doesn't happen with Netzip - just disable it for a while.

You can download a free evaluation copy of Winzip and the Internet Explorer from below.

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Click here for WinZip help!

If none of the above has helped and you are an AOL user - please call them!

Downloading solutions from visitors

Q: I have tried all your tips and hints, used Internet Explorer 5.0 and Netscape Communicator 4.76 and still have had no luck in downloading. Internet Explorer gives me the following message--"Internet Explorer was not able to open this Internet site. The requested site is either unavailable or cannot be found. Please try again later."

A1: I have finally solved the problem. It had to do with Netscape Smart Download. I disabled the Smart Download and now have no problem. I guess it was interfering with downloading

A2: I did discover that with NetZip, I have to disable SmartDownload and then I can download successfully.

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Q: "Does anyone know why on several sites while trying to download free designs I get a box that says I need an authentication code and a password?"

A1: "You get this when you use Download Accelerator, Download Demon, Gozilla, Netzip etc.program.  You have to remove this program to get these sites to work or disable it."

To turn off the download accelerator:
1) Go to Start => Programs
2) Go to the Program Name of the accelerator (it might be Netzip, under Netzip Download Daemon)
3) Choose Disable (or Disable Browser Watch)

A2: The message might be caused by the internet settings you have your own computer.  "Do you have parental controls set on your computer?  Change them.

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Q: I am unable to download the free designs through Explorer or Netscape ( I read your note about Netscape).   They will download, but do not show up in Buzz catalogue and will not unzip with Winzip.  Winzip says they are part of archived designs?

A1: It WORKED!  I received a new computer for Christmas and it has Netscape 6, so I went back to my old laptop with Netscape 4.7, and they downloaded perfectly with a left mouse click not holding down shift key.  Tomorrow I will "downgrade" the new one to Netscape 4.7.

A2: When you click on the image to download, a screen pops up called File Download. I had clicked on "Open File from Its Current Location" instead of "Save File to Disk".  When I switched to "Save File to Disk", the download processed fine. When I used Open File from its Current Location, it appears to download then nothing shows in WinZip.

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Q: I am having a problem that concerns your site & some others. I am running IE 5. Many times when you d/l a design (or other file if there is anything else to d/w on the net besides designs) you get dumped off the net. I know that this is due to something in IE 5.

A:   Microsoft has a fix for this problem.  Go to their site and download the fix:

Internet Explorer 5.01 Service Pack 2

Appearance of this site

To be able to fully view and use this site you will need the Internet Explorer.

Stitching designs

star3.gif (224 bytes) Always use the smallest possible hoop! 

star3.gif (224 bytes) Always stitch in the order given, otherwise you might end up with stitches on the top that were meant to be under.

star3.gif (224 bytes) Cut all the thread jumps after each colour change.  This is the easiest way of doing it and the jumps threads won't interfere with the stitching or get caught in the presser foot.

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