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You might know that needlework and embroidery were among the most popular relaxations enjoyed by the Victorian ladies - and why should this have changed?  Especially, when we have such great tools today!  I hope you will enjoy browsing this web site and be inspired.

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Alphabets and Monograms

Our stunning alphabets are used by some of the world's leading linen companies:

Monogrammed cushion in red gingham cotton with linen patch with letter L from the Paris Alphabet at Needle Passion Embroidery

Letter from the Paris Alphabet

Gingham white cotton cushion with vintage A monogram letter

Letter from the Vintage Alphabet

Monogrammed cushion in red gingham cotton with linen heart patch with letter E from the Margareta Alphabet at Needle Passion Embroidery

Letter from the Margareta Alphabet

Monogrammed cushion in white cotton and red gingham border with monogram TC from the Splendor Alphabet at Needle Passion Embroidery

Letters from the Splendor Alphabet

Monogrammed cushion in white cotton and sky blue gingham border with letter H from the Vintage Alphabet at Needle Passion Embroidery

Letter from the Vintage Alphabet

Monogrammed cushion in white cotton and navy blue gingham border with letter T from the Rose Alphabet at Needle Passion Embroidery

Letter from the Rose Alphabet

Custom made bespoke machine embroidery monogram FAS monogrammed on a patchwork quilt from Needle Passion Embroidery Pink pinafore dress with black machine embroidery monogram from the Splendor Alphabet Letter A from the machine embroidery Script Applique Alphabet on a garden flag made by Debra Austin

Vera's stunning custom monogram for a quilt - from Australia

Monogrammed pinafore dress by Debra from Myrtle Beach - very Chanel!

The monogram is from here!

Lovely monogrammed garden flag also made by Debra from Myrtle Beach.

The letter is from here! 

pillow cushion with machine embroidery flowers butterfly critter insect machine embroidery design swirl swirly trail swirls cute bug needle passion embroidery needlepassion npe bernina artista art pes hus jef dst designs
Customer work - lovely!  Jenny, thank you for sharing.

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Monogramming help

A few examples on how you could use letters to form monograms:

* First name and surname: John Smith = JS

* First names: Ella Rose = ER

* Couple's first names: Carol & Martin = CM

* Family: Smith = S or intertwined SS

Designs for Variegated Threads

Butterfly machine embroidery design stitched with variegated threads at Needle Passion Embroidery Flying parrot machine embroidery design stitched with variegated threads from Needle Passion Embroidery Bottle Apron with floral machine embroidery design stitched with variegated threads made by Cherie at Needle Passion Embroidery
Blouse with butterfly from Sandra from WIS Parrot: 2  variegated, 2 metallic and 1 plain thread.

Floral Wine Bottle Apron made by Cherie.

Try this rooster design for free - click here to download.

Delicious bugs! 

Stitched with purple, fuchsia variegated and gold metallic threads
Parrot stitched with 3 variegated threads and gold.    

The Wings Collection

SewTellSandi1.jpg (6373 bytes) SewTellSandi2.jpg (5999 bytes)
Sandi's lovely quilt. Detail from the same.

The bees and butterflies can be found here!

The scroll design used to be here, but seems they are not online anymore!

The Feather Collection

FeatherPic1.jpg (6348 bytes) FeatherPic2.jpg (3768 bytes) FeatherPic4.jpg (3598 bytes) FeatherPic5.jpg (3201 bytes) FeatherPic8.jpg (2764 bytes)
#1 stitched with 3 different variegated threads and gold metallic. #2 stitched with 3 different variegated threads and gold metallic. From a pillow case From a pillow case Stitched with Natesh thread: 532,518,524 and brown. 
FeatherPic7.jpg (11374 bytes) FeatherPic6.jpg (2746 bytes) FeatherCatherineShirt2.jpg (2328 bytes) FeatherJacketElaine.jpg (3273 bytes) FeatherPicSueJustus.jpg (3601 bytes)
A detail from Beverly's stunning jacket Katherine's lovely sweater Catherine's beautiful shirt Elaine's jacket Sue Justus from Hot Springs, AR. has created this lovely outfit!
FeatherPic9.jpg (6336 bytes) FeatherPic3.jpg (3580 bytes) FeatherCatherineShirt.jpg (3283 bytes) FeatherSamplePic1.jpg (8238 bytes) FeatherSample.jpg (6648 bytes)
Stitched with Natesh: 573,565, 537 and red metallic. Stitched with 2 variegated threads in yellow tones and gold metallic. Detail from Catherine's shirt. Carmen has stitched these feathers using the free sample. Free Sample - click on the image to download.


FeatherPicSueJustus2.jpg (2678 bytes) FeatherMilli.jpg (10984 bytes)
Sue Justus from Hot Springs, AR. has created lovely towels! Milli's fleece top with  feathers on the yoke.  

From Milli: "I love it and get MANY compliments on it"

 Lovely rag quilt made by Jeanne from Yorktown, VA

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Grandparent Collection and Bees Collection

Lovely Burp Cloths and cards made by Joanne.

Barbara George from Salem, SC has created this lovely bee quilt for bee farming friends! 

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The Rose Delight Collection

A silk Shantung christening dress featuring designs from the Rose Delight collection.

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The Snowflake Collection

Have a look at Sandé's gorgeous snowflake jacket project!

WinterPic1.jpg (11580 bytes) WinterPic2.jpg (4702 bytes) WinterPic3.jpg (3490 bytes) WinterPic4.jpg (3569 bytes) WinterPic5.jpg (3815 bytes)

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Christmas Appliqué

More projects can be found here!

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Quilt pictures

Bonnie Pool from Veneta, Oregon has made this stunning quilt.   It was quilted with the star designs from the quilting collection #4.  

SewTellQuiltBonniePool1.jpg (16894 bytes) SewTellQuiltBonniePool3.jpg (12384 bytes) SewTellQuiltBonniePool2.jpg (12212 bytes)

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Baby "Bugs" Quilt and a Butterfly Quilt

AppWingsQuilt10.jpg (13181 bytes)

16 square block bug baby quilt

Ella on her favourite quilt

Nora Say's St. Jude Quilt of Dreams. 

Reverse side 

Detail of the same

Lovely burp cloth from Regina.

Donna's gifts Donna's gifts Melissa's gift! Melissa's gifts! Melissa's gifts!  

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Sharon from AZ has made this stunning "Wings" quilt for her grandmother.  Thank you Sharon for sharing your project!

The designs can be found here!

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"New shoes and nothing to wear" 

That's how this dress project started and it turned out just wonderful and matched the new beige Jimmy Choo slingbacks perfectly! 

Please click the images for a larger view!

DressPic9Small.jpg (8642 bytes) DressPic4Small.jpg (11672 bytes) DressPic8Small.jpg (8419 bytes) DressPic3Small.jpg (9462 bytes) DressPic6Small.jpg (11066 bytes)
DressPic5Small.jpg (9353 bytes) DressPic7Small.jpg (9840 bytes) DressPic1Small.jpg (9865 bytes) DressPic2Small.jpg (10656 bytes) DressPic15Small.jpg (4058 bytes)
DressPic17Small.jpg (4390 bytes) DressPic13Small.jpg (4024 bytes) DressPic14Small.jpg (3698 bytes) DressPic11Small.jpg (3538 bytes) DressPic16Small.jpg (4226 bytes)

 The dress project designs can be found here.

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* When embroidering an applique design with dark fabric it is easier to use a contrasting coloured thread for the tacking line (in NPE designs it is usually colour #2) as this is the line you cut along and it will be much easier to see.  I recently made some beautiful appliques in dark navy with dark navy thread - when it was time to trim the fabric, the takcing line was a nightmare to see!

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Please send pictures of your projects made using designs from Needle Passion Embroidery - they would be much appreciated!  Or please send in your favourite tips.

A warm THANK YOU is extended to everyone who has contributed with pictures & projects for this page!

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In Memoriam

Kyllikki 1939 - 1989

Dearest Mother,
I hope there are sewing machines and computers in heaven as well - I so wish that you could have seen this!  Always missing you, Tiina