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Quilting in the hoop - instructions on how to quilt with the embroidery module

Quilting with the embroidery module

The quilting outline designs are designed to be stitched in the embroidery module on the whole "quilt sandwich" = quilt top, batting/wadding and background fabric hooped together in the embroidery hoop.

* Use 40-weight embroidery or other similar thread. You might experience tension problems if you use quilting thread – it’s too stiff and thick. 

* Do not use stabilizer, but hoop the sandwich firmly being careful not to tighten the screw on your hoop too much.

* Check the tension on a sample “sandwich” first.

* Start with the middle blocks on your quilt and work outwards.

* If you can, place your embroidery machine on a higher table, so that you can stand by it - it's easier to guide and support the quilt and to avoid the bulk from stopping the embroidery arm from moving freely. It is important that the whole quilt is on the same surface as the embroidery machine or otherwise supported, to avoid the weight of the quilt from distracting the embroidery arm movement.

* When you are ready to embroider - mark the centre point on each quilt block, hoop the sandwich (Hobbs Heirloom Premium Cotton Batting was used at the time of testing) as accurately in the middle of the hoop as possible and adjust your machine to the same centre point where your mark on the quilt is. Start stitching.

* If you quilt a lot you might want to consider buying a separate hoop for quilting only as not to stretch the hoop too much.

Each block only takes a few minutes to stitch, so you can easily finish the quilting even in a day - not bad!  Enjoy.

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Please try with the free samples provided on this site - Enjoy!


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