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How to identify the name of a design?

Many of the design images on this web site have a larger view available. 

Please click on the image or text link to view the larger size and the name will be displayed in your browser window.
It will look like this example:
In this example the name is
Feather16.  (Please don't worry about the "%20" - all images have the same coding)


Right click on your mouse on the image and choose "properties". 

A box will appear displaying the design name at the top.


Hover your mouse over the design image and a little box with the design name should/may pop up. 


  If a box isn't displayed, then please describe in the comments section of the order form which design you want to purchase.  Please also mention the design collection name and location (place in the table), just to make sure that you will get the design you wanted.

You are also welcome to email your choice.

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