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Helpful information


All collections are delivered in ZIP files.

You will need a zip utility program to unzip the designs. Most computers have one built in, but if not, WinZip is one of the best.  Please go to the Winzip web site to download a free evaluation copy to try!

If you are unsure on how to unzip and extract designs and where to save them - please read on:

Let's assume you have bought the Feather Pack.
The actual zip file will appear as
"360 FeathersNPE"

1. Open your
Windows Explorer.

2. Highlight My Designs.

If you do not have a "My designs" folder, please do the following:
(If you have a My Designs folder, please ignore this step and go to point 3)

Highlight C drive, click on File, choose New, Folder.
You should now see a new folder called
"New Folder".  Once it is still highlighted (blue) type "My Designs" to rename it - you now have a My Designs folder.

3. To create an individual folder for the newly purchased designs, highlight My Designs, click on File, choose New and then Folder. You should now see a new folder called "New Folder". Once it is still highlighted (blue) type "Feathers" or whatever the name of the collection you bought is to rename it. You'll now have a folder for the newly purchased design pack and it is located under My Designs from where it will always be easy to find.

4. Now it is time to unzip the designs.

Firstly you will have to locate the design zip file on your computer.  Easy if you know where they are, but otherwise you might need to do some searching to locate them.  Please open Windows Explorer.  C should be highlighted, click on tools - find - files or folders.  Type in the name of the collection or part of it or the number only (all Needle Passion Embroidery Collections have a number in front of their name) in the Named: section.  Click on Find now. When you have located the file with the zip icon next to it just double click on it and it should open in your zip utility program.

If you received the design zip file by email as an attachment you can also double click on it to open the zip utility program.   Important!  Please always make sure you only open attachments you are expecting and know that they come from reliable sources to avoid computer viruses!

Then highlight the designs and click an extract button.

IMPORTANT: When you extract the designs please make sure that the destination is the folder you have just created for them. If you use the default folder they might go anywhere like on the desktop or to a temporary folder...they will be difficult to find later.

5. You should now be ready to use the designs from your new folder.

Copyright 2007 Needle Passion Embroidery Limited
All Rights Reserved.